Monica Aben

Local singer/songwriter, Monica Aben, has found that fewer and fewer young millenials are atending shows at typical venues in favor of attending house shows. Moreover, Aben quickly discovered that her desire to share her feelings and connect with her audience in a mutual way wasn't being met on larger stages.

So, she was led to create The Sweatpants Series. Borne of an impassioned desire to give back to the community, The Sweatpants Series are a series of intimate shows wherein performers and audience members alike share their stories between songs, and 70% of proceeds go to Safe Place For Youth (SPY) in Venice, where Aben is also a member of their Next Generation Committee. It's a new wave for a sentimental community: an intimate setting for introverts and artists alike to come together and be reminded of the relative comfort in which we live our lives. Oh, and, of course, everyone has to wear sweatpants. 

A Venice, Ca native, Aben's new full-length In Your Universe is a testament to passion and resilience: an examination of the ever-evolving conditions in our lives that transform and cascade into violent dissonance to the point where your feelings threaten to overwhelm you, until you realize, perhaps quite suddendly, that you actually wouldnt change a thing. Sung ardently over lush foundations of piano and sensible pop melodies, In Your Universe was recorded and engineered at Dockside Studios in Louisiana with Justin Tocket and Ben Alleman.